It all started when...



t's pretty fair to say for those of us who are lived through the 1990's here in the good ol' U.S. of A that they pretty much sucked ass. Nirvana killed rock n' roll, hip hop was just starting to take over the airwaves/youth culture and creative arts were in the shitter. In 1993, ECW blew up outta Philly but it didn't make it's mark on most of the country until "Barely Legal" in April of 1997. After that Sunday night, professional wrestling was never the same.

     Of all the heroes and legends that participated that night, one man was the TRUE definition of extreme in regards to pro wrestling - New Jack. Whether he was diving off the highest perch in any particular venue, "teaching" green workers how to gig or inciting race riots in more conservative areas of the country, New Jack became the living embodiment of hardcore. Controversy has followed the man since day one. He's admitted to five" justifiable homicides" in his work as a bounty hunter in the classic documentary "Beyond the Mat", done shoot interviews that burned more bridges than during all of WWII and was deemed "unhirable" by ALL of the national promotions. When Ice Cube and Dr. Dre's "Natural Born Killaz" hits the P.A. everyone in the arena better had run for cover because Jack and his shopping cart full of weapons are on their way.

     The Resistance knew that we could never complete our evolution to a TRUE hardcore promotion without the most controversial superstar of all time making an appearance. We keep Mad Man Pondo, Randi West, Killer Khloe and other hardcore stars on speed dial but New Jack is the "are they fucking crazy" guest that every other promotion that claims to be hardcore in Chicago is scared shitless to touch.

     Maybe we're brave. Maybe we're drunk. Maybe we're fucking insane. We'll find out Saturday night February 9th when The Resistance presents Chapter V: New Jack City at SPARK Recreation Center at Summit Park District. 

     God help any fools stupid enough to get in his way...